Real life


On occasion, people will say, “bat, you are an instigator” Guilty as charged. i can be a bit of a shit-stirrer, though i’d like to believe that i stir the pot in a good way rather than a bad… i try. i often reply that i’m more of a facilitator.  i like to “make” folks … Continue reading

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my middle-of-the-night missive sounded like a haiku, He said. It occurred to me then, that i haven’t written one of those in awhile… and why not for Him? Elements by Lindsey Stirling (pardon any leading commercials or ads on this page) Original Haiku: wawbat Original Image Source: Continue reading

Real life

you are here

my phone has a “footprints” feature (probably most phones do these days). i used it last evening when i parked in a new place while downtown… just in case i got confused and couldn’t find my car. There on my phone, i captured – with geographic certainty – a tiny spot on this vast planet.  … Continue reading