Music / Real life

High Hopes

We are all the walking wounded.

i am not so surprised at the folks who fall along the way… relegated to institutions, to prisons, or to marginal lives in dire straits.

i am not shocked when people behave badly as a result of their tortured pasts… when they visit upon others the same measure of insanity that was visited upon them.

What does surprise me is that most of us walk upright, that we are not all quivering masses, gone fetal in some corner of our world. The fact that most of us get up each day – regardless of the past – and dare to trust that the world won’t pimp-slap us into oblivion? That is a true indication of the human spirit.

So much is done to us – and we do such damage to one another. Sigh.

It is a bona fide miracle that we continue to function as individuals, as communities and countries and that we’ve managed to survive… humankind.

So, props to us all…

…to each and every one of us who dare to brave our pasts, however fresh the pain

…to every person who looks the present square in the face and welcomes it, without flinching

…to those who dare to expose their soft underbellies to others – to say “i am weak” trusting that this time they won’t get hurt.

…to those among us who realize the damage we’ve done and cease, apologize, and strive to do better.

i am amazing.

You are amazing.

We are amazing.

High Hopes (Frank Sinatra)

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