Real life


Do you know me? In real life, that is? If so… i want you to imagine me… begging… for anything. i’ll give you a moment to wrap your mind around that… Impossible, you say. Couldn’t happen. Wouldn’t happen. Never gonna’ happen. Never say never More on this later, luvs   Continue reading

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I was raised Christian… I get Christians. I understand the bible… and a great deal of it is committed to memory (pops up at the oddest moments, too). As I moved towards agnosticism, the one thing I never missed was that “us and them” bullshit. As humans, we gravitate towards dichotomy. It’s easy… yes/no, good/bad, … Continue reading

Films / Real life


i love foreign films and don’t watch them nearly as much as i once did… as much as i’d like to… as much as i should. i enjoy them because they generally eschew ridiculous happy endings in favor of more realistic endings… or better yet? no ending at all. my favorite films are ones that … Continue reading