Real life


I’m about to head off to bed. It’s late (more correctly, it’s early) and I should have been sleeping hours ago. My ex is on my mind… good old X.

I went on a bit of a coughing jag a few minutes ago. That’s what reminded me of him. Flash back… 1991-ish. I was a young mother, and I was sick. Very very sick. I had pneumonia. I was in bad shape.

Did he bring me hot soup? Ah, nope. Cold compresses? Negative. Take care of stuff around the house so I could get rest? Um, not so much.

What he did was fuck me… a lot… because he said…

wait for it…

wait for it….

When I started coughing violently, my cunt seized on him so tightly – it felt fanfuckintastic to him.

Yes, kiddies, just one of the many reasons that wawbat is no longer Mrs. X.

Now that I’ve exorcised that memory… I’m off to dreamland.


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